Case Study: Bobcat T7x Launch

Ryan Timms
Case Study: Bobcat T7x Launch

The Challenge

Bobcat, a respected and well-known brand, was preparing to launch its first-ever all-electric product, the T7x, a 62-kilowatt lithium-ion battery powered compact track loader. Bobcat needed an engaging, informative, and captivating product release video to showcase at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The video had to create hype for the product, educate the audience about its new features, and stand out among its diesel-powered competitors.

The Solution

Enter Press Record Media, a company specializing in shooting heavy equipment. Their team, armed with a deep understanding of the technical features of brands like Bobcat, embarked on a two-day shoot at the Acceleration Center in Bismarck, North Dakota.

  1. Preparation: Press Record Media prepared meticulously to creatively and effectively highlight the details of the T7x.
  2. Setting: The shoot took advantage of the industrial facility's pre-existing skylights and a fog machine to create a dramatic and visually appealing environment for the vehicle.
  3. Music and Motion Graphics: The team identified music for the video early on to capture the best shots, keeping the tempo of the final video in mind. A motion graphics specialist added hand-traced graphics that conveyed the forward-thinking essence of the vehicle.
  4. Brand-focused Visuals: The blue and orange tones in the lighting and graphics were chosen to align with the T7x's branding.
  5. Specialized Equipment: To capture the internal functioning of the machine, the team used a probe lens, allowing detailed views of the internal hydraulics and zoom out to an outside view of the electric track loader.

The Results

The final video was a hit at CES 2022, helping Bobcat achieve a successful product launch. The T7x won awards in both Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation and Smart Cities. The audience was educated about the unique features of the new product, and the creative approach of the video set it apart from its competitors. The video also won a gold Hermes award for Brand Marketing Film.

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