We are not just a company, but a collection of storytellers who understand the power of meaningful content. Each member of our team is an expert, knowledgable, and passionate advocate for brand storytelling.

We are a unique blend of equal parts action sports, and journalism, which gives us an edge in creating dynamic, engaging videos that stand out. We believe in keeping things simple, yet impactful, using our skills to create stories that resonate with audiences and make a lasting impression.

Humanize your brand with the power of documentary-style content

Press Rec is a video production and content marketing agency specializing in unscripted branded content.

We love what we do and believe in doing it well. Every project is a new journey for us. Each one is an opportunity to explore, learn and create something truly extraordinary.

Everyone has a story to tell. Let's share yours.

Press Record Media Filming in a field

What if you could create more meaningful relationships and qualify prospects before they show up in your funnel?

We challenge our clients to think beyond traditional commercial advertising and create a deeper connection with their audience.

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We work closely with brands worldwide to share stories of challenge, growth, victory and everything in between. The best stories are rooted in passion—passion for your brand, the communities you serve and the people you impact.

We thrive on collaboration. It’s our job to understand your values, goals and unique story. We create content together that aligns with your brand identity and leaves a lasting impact on your audience. You, your business and your customers all have unique stories to tell. Our mission is to bring them to life.

Press Record Media Bill Hattan
Press record Media Casey Blackwelder


Press Rec Ryan Timms

Ryan Timms

CEO & Co-Founder

PRess REc Will Stroud

Will Stroud

CCO & Co-Founder

Press Rec Caroline Almy

Caroline Almy

Multimedia Producer

Press Rec Riley Whisler

Riley Whisler

Account Director

Press Rec Jordan Fox

Jordan Fox

Video Producer


Our Process

Creative Strategy Content Marketing Press Record Media

Creative Strategy

Together, we find the stories supporting your brand. We'll craft a custom campaign strategy around the main deliverable and provide cutdowns, still photography and written content in a bundle that’s ready to rock.

Press Record Media Cinema Camera Sony RED Arri FPV


Let's grab some gear and make some movie magic! We go where the action is, traveling wherever the story takes us.

Press Record Media Editing


Curating hours of footage can seem daunting to some, but this is where the story starts to take shape. Our team goes through everything we’ve captured to craft a cohesive narrative that puts your brand at the center.

Press Rec Awards Activation Results


Assets are delivered through an organized media library. Now you can improve your media presence with content your team will be proud of.


2023 Judges Choice Award - AAF - Rebuilding a Legacy - Bobcat

2023 Platinum Viddy Award - Documentary - Project Lightyear

2023 Gold Viddy Award - Branded Content - Horseshoe: A Look at the Future of RTP

2023 Platinum Hermes Creative Award, Silver Telly Award, Silver AAF Award - Documentary - The Lodge

2023 Silver Telly Award - Branded Content Documentary - Bill Hattan

2023 Gold Hermes Creative Award, Bronze Telly Award - Corporate Image Film - T7X Launch Film

2023 Gold Hermes Creative Award - Documentary - National Disaster Search Foundation

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